BOOM '00 Projects
8-bit Neural Network Hardware Model of A Swim Oscillator - Michael Katz

A Brain Computer Interface -  Jordan Erenrich

Active Containers Toolkit - Ted Bonkenburg, Vicky Weissman

Anaphora Resolution Algorithms on Noun Phrases  - Janet Ip

Artificial Intelligence -- Can It Outsmart the Market? - Garrett Lang

Artificially Intelligent Computer Aided Numerical Voice Recognition Software ("NumSpeak") - Mike Chung, Paul Jensen, Mike Narodovich

Astrolabe Query Language and Processor  - Felix Rodriguez, Robbert van Renesse, Tim Clark

Autonomous Helicopter - Alexandre Saverin, Sean Breheny, Phil Oh, J. Andrew Eichelberger, Raffaello D'Andrea

BRAIN: Big Red Artificial Intelligence Navigator - Michael Ken Elser, David Sweeney, John Hovey, James Buescher, Hung-Khoon Tan, Marc Durant, Andy Chu, Jeremy Kubica, Jonathan Stavis, Nidhi Kalra, Sergei Vassilvitskii, Cynthia Lim, Sean Welch, Renaldi Winoto, Abhishek Girdhar, Juan Tomasini, Shaoyang "Phil" Chen, Jackson Lee, Dorothy Shih, Frank Yip, Camilo Sanchez, Ho Ching, Rowin Andruscavage, Matt Coble, Vincent Ferzli, Lisa Ong, Robin Glinton, Stephen Kao, Kelly Dowling, Scott Sirota, Jack Chuang

Character Recognition using Competitive Learning Neural Network - Alex Holub

Churn - Benjamin Ragheb

Computer Animated Films: A Work in Progress - Aaron Erimez

Cornell Nomadic Computing Experiment - Sugata Mukhopadhyay,  Jenna Burrell

Cougar - Hung Khoon Tan, Ju Joh, Chang Choi, Brian Salino

Data Mining - Knowledge Discovery Through Analysis - Jeffrey Derstadt

Determining User Requirements for Nomadic Digital Libraries -  Geri Gay, Eric Melin, Ray Wenderlich

Efficient Method of Transferring Documents over Wireless Networks  - Joseph Polastre

Electronic Document Reading with a Paper Feel - Walter Bell

Housing and Urban Development COPC -- Computer Literacy in the Community - Sergei Vassilvitskii

Learning to Balance a Pole Using a Simple Neural Network - Daniel Hess

Mancala - Ruggiero Cavallo

mediartspace - Antoine Asseraf

Multiplayer Internet Gaming in JAVA - Benjamin Szekely

Neural Network Approach to Bird Song Recognition and Response - Derek Messie

Personal "Supercomputer" - Alin Dobra

Potential Energy Models in the Game of Go - Barclay Hershey, Piyanuch Silapachote

Punjab Online - Jasjeet Thind

RadiosGL - Jason Rohrer

Ray-Tracing - Clint Kelly

Removing Objects from Pictures - Kevin Park, Mark Masry

Robocup - Saeed Saeed, Abraham Heifets, Joshua Pollak, Nichole Schlegel

Scientific Computing via Components - Mike Singer, Lori Frietag, Lois McInnes

Sensitivity Measures and 2-Colored Graphs - Daniel Ramras

Sokoban - Shan Leung Woo

Some Results on NP coNP Sets - Ryan Williams

Stylometric Clustering - Scott Aaronson

The JLTools Compiler - Dan Spoonhower, Naveen Sastry

Typed Assembly Language - Neal Glew, Dan Grossman, Richard Samuels, Frederick Smith, David Walker, Stephanie Weirich, Steve Zdancewix

Visualizing Implicit and Differential Surfaces in Three Dimensions - Adam Barth

WebAgent - Benjamin Cichy, Adam Nathan

Web Profiler - Kevin Chipalowski, Alvin Tanhehco

WINNT LAN/WAN Videoconferencing - Ben Luk, Aaron Tang, Richard Kuo

World Wide Face Match - Alexandre Saverin, Marcelo P. Lima