Dean Krafft

Senior Research Associate
Director of Computing Facilities
Ph.D. Cornell University, 1981

I currently serve both as a researcher and an administrator in the computer science department at Cornell. In my guise as an

administrator, I manage the Computing Facilities Support group and worry about a number of issues including computer security, networking, and building web services. Most recently, as part of the Nomad research project (, Iíve been leading a campus-wide pilot of megabit-speed wireless LAN technology. This will be rolled out by Cornell Information Technologies as a Cornell campus service in the fall of 2000.

On the research side, I am part of the Cornell Digital Libraries Research Group (CDLRG - A major focus of our effort is on interoperability issues for digital libraries. We have several ongoing projects in this area, e.g. PRISM and NCSTRL, as well as a major effort in the creation of a National Science Digital Library (, which has been recommended for funding within NSF. My own particular interests focus on ensuring the availability in the digital world of pre-digital published and manuscript materials, as well as related issues on copyright, the public domain, and public access to older and out-of-print materials.