Dean B. Krafft
Principal Investigator
National Science Digital Library Project
Cornell Information Science
301 College Ave.
Ithaca, NY 14850-4623
Phone: 607-255-9214
Fax: 607-255-5196

Digital Library Research

I am the Principal Investigator for the NSF-funded National Science Digital Library Project at Cornell. I lead the effort to develop key components of the Core Integration Technology for the library, and I manage the team that maintains the production library services. I also work with the other institutions involved in the Core Integration effort to specify, develop, and provide new digital library technologies to the over two hundred NSF-funded projects involved in the NSDL program.

My personal research interests also include ensuring the availability in the digital world of pre-digital published and manuscript materials, as well as related issues on copyright, the public domain, and public access to older and out-of-print materials.

For lists of papers and presentations, please see my curriculum vitae.

Information Technology

On the administrative side, I am the Director of Information Technology for Computing and Information Science. I help provide oversight for the Computer Facilities Support group, represent CIS to the campus-wide IT Managers Council, and focus on a number of issues including IT policy and computer security.


My personal interests include family history and what is loosely called "folk" music (ranging from old English ballads through modern singer/songwriters). I maintain a set of web pages on the Hunting/Huntting Family. I also have a family website at, and a Flickr photo site at

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