1998 - 1999 CS Annual Report                                                        Researchers
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Dean Krafft

Senior Research Associate
Director of Computing Facilities

PhD Cornell, 1981

I currently serve both as a researcher and an administrator in the Computer Science Department at Cornell. In my guise as an administrator, I manage the Computer Facilities Support group and worry about a number of issues including computer security, networking, and building web services. Most recently, we've upgraded the department's networking

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infrastructure to include megabit speed wireless connectivity and a gigabit backbone. 

On the research side, I am part of the Cornell Digital Libraries Research Group (CDLRG). We have recently received a major Digital Libraries Initiative grant to support our research  into the integrity issues of digital libraries. This work will focus on the issues of preservation, reliability,
interoperability, security, and metadata for digital libraries (the PRISM project). My own particular interests focus on ensuring the availability in the digital world of pre-digital published and manuscript materials, as well as related issues on copyright, the public domain, and public access to older and out-of-print materials.