Partnership for Computer Science

Partnership for Computer Science Research

The department offers opportunities to interact on a number of levels with internationally respected scientists in such vital areas as:


Industrial partners are invited to participate directly in the technology development process, through on-campus representation, visits, and consulting arrangements. Additional opportunities include access to technical reports, colloquia and seminars, the department's annual report, and resumés submitted by AB, BS, MS, MEng, and PhD candidates expecting to graduate.


As outlined in the chair's message, computer science faculty and researchers are actively collaborating with industrial partners. Information technology is one area of priority, both for Computer Science and for Electrical Engineering. The growth of the Internet has created a new style of computing and networking, which will evolve further as video services become established and as the data rates of wireless communication channels improve. All these changes present opportunities for companies to take leadership positions within the United States and globally. At the same time, universities must meet these challenges by conducting leading-edge research that is directly applicable to industry needs and by developing new educational programs that will produce the skilled scientists and engineers required into the next century.

The College of Engineering’s expansion into information technology is squarely aimed at this opportunity. Many of the new technologies require close collaboration among groups in Electrical Engineering as well as Computer Science. We are working to establish a new Center for Computing and Communications. The research groups involved in this center will span the range of technologies involved: high-speed devices, wireless communication, ATM networks, networking protocols, image compression, video transmission, fault-tolerant middleware, video editing systems, natural language recognition, and image analysis. The two departments have considerable expertise in these topics. In addition, searches for new faculty in these areas have begun. The GTE Foundation and AT&T have provided initial funding to support development of the Center and costs associated with the new hires.

Recent hires in information technology include Brian Smith and Claire Cardie in Computer Science and Sheila Hemami and Zigmund Haas in Electrical Engineering. The two departments anticipate a minimum of seven new hires in this broad area.


Industrial partners for this year include:

We remain exceedingly grateful to these corporations for their ongoing support of our work through contributions of equipment and support of students and for their support of our overall research mission through collaboration. In recent years, these industrial partnerships have been a vital part of life in this department, and we value them.

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