QMG: mesh generation and related software

The QMG package does finite element mesh generation in two and three dimensions. The package includes geometric modeling software, the mesh generator itself, and a finite element solver. The software is written primarily in C++ and matlab. The QMG package is written by S. Vavasis. The mesh generator is based on an algorithm due to S. Mitchell and S. Vavasis. Please select a topic from the following list.

An overview and example of the QMG package

Installation instructions

Geometric objects and datatypes

The mesh generator

The finite element package

Reference on each command

Future expansion plans

Several people provided very useful advice to the author in the development QMG; please see the acknowledgements.

This documentation is written by Stephen A. Vavasis and is copyright (c) 1995 by Cornell University. Permission to reproduce this documentation is granted provided this notice remains attached. There is no warranty of any kind on this software or its documentation. See the accompanying file 'Copyright' for a full statement of the copyright.

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