CS 4740/5740 - Introduction to Natural Language Processing

Spring 2014


***Final Exam***: Tues May 13, 9am in Ives Hall 305.

Time: Tuesdays and Thursdays, 1:25-2:40PM
Place: Hollister B14
Instructor: Professor Claire Cardie, 417 Gates Hall
Office hours: Mon 10-11am and Thurs 3-4pm.
Q&A: Piazza


Moontae Lee

    Office hours: Tuesday 3-4pm
    Office location: G21

Igor Labutov

    Office hours: Wednesday 5-6pm
    Office location: Gates G21

Bishan Yang

    Office hours: Friday 3-4pm
    Office location: Gates G21

Course Materials:

Course Management System (CMS): We'll be using the CS department course management system for submission of assignments, grading, etc.  You can get to CMS via the above link.  You'll need your Cornell netid and password.
If you do not have access to the CMS, please contact us.


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