Xinwen Wang

Email: xinwen[at]cs[dot]cornell[dot]edu

About Me

I am a Computer Science Ph.D. student at Cornell University advised by Professor Robbert Van Renesse. I also work closely with Professor Hakim Weatherspoon and Professor Andrew Myers. I did my undergraduate at Stony Brook University advised by Professor Rob Johnson and Michael Bender. My research interests focus on distributed system, consensus and system for IoT devices. My CV can be found here.



Vegvisir is a distributed system working with intermittently connected network on IoT devices. It consists of a tamperproof log and Conflict-free data structure(CRDT). Nodes can reconcile their data structure with others’ opportunistically.

Heterogenous Consensus

Heterogeneous Consensus (Hetcons) is a consensus algorithm based on Leslie Lamport’s Byzantine Paxos. Hetcons allows different learners to specify their own quorums of acceptors, different failure assumptions, and even mixed failure models.


A framework for composable, authenticated distributed data structures. Charlotte data is stored in blocks that reference each other by hash. Together, all Charlotte blocks form a directed acyclic graph, the blockweb; all observers and applications use subgraphs of the blockweb for their own data structures.


In Progress

Charlotte: Composable Authenticated Distributed Data Structures, Isaac C. Sheff, Xinwen Wang, Haobin Ni, Robbert van Renesse, Andrew C. Myers [Arxiv]