Quick Facts

PhD Candidate and Lecturer
Computer Science,
Cornell University

Office: 462 Gates Hall
Pronouns: she/her/hers.

About Me

My primary research is currently in topic modeling with my advisor, David Mimno. My work focuses on understanding and improving latent variable models for analysis of real-world datasets by humanist and social science researchers. Recently, I have also been working on integrating privacy into machine-learning-aided data mining in NLP.

Prior to starting my Ph.D. at Cornell University, I received my B.S. from Harvey Mudd College in Math and Computer Science. I also worked for a short time on the search team at Yelp. In the past, I've done research on state inference for oil drills and in improvisational music software. I also really enjoy baking cookies, encouraging women in STEM, and Shakespeare.

Sometimes I also write blog posts about computing, being a grad student, and baking cookies!

Application Materials

I am on the job market this year! I am currently seeking tenure-track positions in computer and information science, particularly at schools that value both research and teaching. You can see my materials here:
Research Statement | Teaching Statement | Diversity Statement | CV


In Fall 2018, I am teaching CS 4820: Introduction to Analysis of Algorithms alongside Prof. Eva Tardos. In Fall 2015, I helped co-design the course Text Mining for History and Literature alongside David Mimno. However, I am not a professor, and have no funding for PhD students to visit my program. Please do not email me about this. I will not respond.


You can contact me at xanda AT cs DOT cornell DOT edu. (If you're like me, you may sometimes have trouble figuring out how to address people in academia. If you're my student in CS 4820, "Prof. Schofield" is correct, otherwise "Xanda" will do just fine.)

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