I'm Tegan, a fourth year PhD student at Cornell University, where I am advised by Robert Kleinberg. My general interests are in theory of computing and algorithms.

Short Bio

Before Cornell I recieved a B.A. in math and computer science at Carleton College, where I was advised by Layla Oesper and Mark Krusemeyer. I became interested in discrete or combinatorial optimization and theory of computer science while studying abroad at Budapest Semesters in Mathematics. I then spent my senior year researching computational models of the mental lexicon using graph theoretic measures under David Liben-Nowell, and I completed an independent study on using electrical networks to better understand select theoretical problems in mathematics.

I was raised in Alexandria, Virginia, just outside the nation's capital. Outside computer science and math, I studied abroad in Japan through the Hokkaido International Foundation. I also enjoy west coast swing dancing and drinking lots of tea.