Tanzeem Choudhury

Associate Professor

Information Science, Cornell University

For most up-to-date information please visit my group's page People-Aware Computing and follow us at @pac_cornell

I direct the People Aware Computing group which develops mobile sensing systems for understanding life patterns of individuals, groups, and societies. A key mission for us is to change the way mental health is diagnosed and treated by creating novel wearable and mobile system that continuously track mental wellbeing. I am a co-founder of HealthRhythms that aims to bring novel technological solutions to facilitate mental wellbeing.

I received my Ph.D. degree from the Media Laboratory at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). As part of my doctoral work, I created the sociometer and conducted the first experiment that uses mobile sensors to model social networks, which led to a new field of research referred to as Reality Mining. I hold a B.S. in electrical engineering from the University of Rochester, and M.S. from the MIT Media Laboratory.

Somewhat recent news

PAClogo For latest news, projects, and papers please visit People Aware Computing Lab's webpage

PAClogo BodyBeat in the media Wearable Self-Tracking Tool Listens for Yawns, Coughs, and Munches

PAClogo BodyBeat in the media Listen to sounds inside the body to monitor health

PAClogoAcademic Innovators: Tanzeem Choudhury Pushing the Boundaries of Wearable Technology at Cornell

PAClogo Excited about our new NIH R01 grant Harnessing the Power of Smartphones to Prevent Psychosis

PAClogo Opinionating What Appleā€™s M7 Motion-Sensing Chip Could Do

PAClogo We won! The Heritage open mHealth $100K Challenge

PAClogo Economist article on Teaching old microphones new tricks

PAClogo Nova's The Secret Life of Scientists and Engineers

PAClogo People Aware Computing's new group webpage

PAClogo I am teaching Ubiquitous Computing (INFO 4120/6120) in Spring'13 - offered at Cornell for the first time!

TanzeemProfile Portrait of Cornellians

BeWelllogoBeWell released on Google Play.

PAClogo Postdoc position available: Forecasting Critical Societal Events.

AAAILogoNew AAAI paper: Towards Population Scale Activity Recognition: A Scalable Framework for Handling Data Diversity.

NYTimeslLogoFeatured in NYTimes Magazine: The Little Voice in Your Head.

CoExisitLogoFast Company's Co.Exist piece on An App That Reads Your Feelings Through Your Voice

CornellLogoOur work featured on Cornell Chronicle Monitoring mental health from your pocket

PopTechlogoPresented our work on Voice Patterns: How can mobile phones improve people's lives?

NYTimeslLogoOur work on NeuralPhone featured in NYTimes Magazine: The Cyborg in Us All.

Ubicomp_2011Enabling Large-scale Human Activity Inference on Smartphones using Community Similarity Networks (CSN) paper nominated for best paper.

CornellLogoAs of July 1, 2011 I will be joining Cornell as Associate Professor in the Information Science department. I will be part of both Information Science and Computer Science graduate fields and am looking forward to advising students in both departments. I will still be affiliated with the Dartmouth CS department as adjunct faculty.

SmartPlanetLogoSmartPlanet Interview: With People Aware Machines, Human Behavior Benefits

NewScientistLogoWrite-up about Jigsaw continous sensing engine Smartphone app monitors your everymove

EarthSkyEarthsky Interview: Cellphone apps to track our health

PopTechlogoSelected an one of the PopTech Science and Public Leadership Fellows

NSFlogoNew NSF EAGER grant funded. Brain-Mobile Interfaces: Exploratory Research into the Development of Networked NeuroPhones  with Prof. Campbell and Prof. Raizada.

ACMlogo New SenSys 2010 paper titled The Jigsaw Continuous Sensing Engine for Mobile phone Applications -- joint work with Mobile Sensor Group

PAClogo New brain mobile interface project with Prof. Campbell and Prof. Raizada. Check out the recentc write-up and the NeuroPhone video

AAAIlogo  New AAAI 2010 papers --

  • Discovering Long Range Properties of Social Networks with Multi-Valued Time-Inhomogeneous Models (oral + poster)
  • Community-Guided Learning: Exploiting Mobile Sensor Users to Model Human Behavior (oral)

ACMlogo New MobiSys 2010 paper titled Darwin Phones: The Evolution of Sensing and Inference on Mobile Phones -- joint work with Mobile Sensor Group 

TEDlogo Selected as one of the TEDIndia 2009 Fellows

Senatelogo My group was invited to present at the US Senate as part of an NSF hosted event on Cyber Physical Systems. Link to our poster and video

NAE New video and Technology Review article on Soundsense - joint work with Sensorlab

Slashdotlogo SoundSense slashdotted. Cell Phones That Learn the Sounds of Your Life

NSFlogo Recipient of National Science Foundation Faculty Early Career Development Award (NSF CAREER)

TR35logo Named one of MIT Technology Review's TR 35 for 2008: Top 35 innovators under the age of 35

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