Image-based BRDF Measurement

Stephen R. Marschner, Stephen H. Westin, Eric P. F. Lafortune, and Kenneth E. Torrance.

Applied Optics, vol. 39, no. 16 (2000).

The paper describes the first incarnation of our image-based BRDF measurement system. It is closely related to Chapter 5 of my thesis, which discusses the same topic.


We present a new image-based process for measuring a surface's bidirectional reflectance distribution rapidly, completely, and accurately. Requiring only two cameras, a light source, and a test sample of known shape, our method generates densely spaced samples covering a very large domain of illumination and reflection directions. We have verified our measurements both by tests of internal consistency and by comparison against measurements made using a gonioreflectometer. The resulting data show accuracy rivaling that of custom-built dedicated instruments.

Steve Marschner