About Me

I started PhD studies in computer science at Cornell University in August 2019. I have broad interests in theoretical computer science, among them causality and algorithmic game theory.

Getting in touch

Email me at sp2473 "at" cornell.edu, or ping me on Twitter (@spencerjpeters).

Some thoughts

Older thoughts may be found in the archives.


I'm currently (Fall 2019) working on a project with Joseph Halpern on extending the structural causal model (SCM) framework to continuous time. Look out for updates!

Summer 2019 I was a quantitative research intern at Jane Street Capital. Summer 2018 and spring 2019 I was a research intern in Microsoft's Quantum Architectures and Computing (QuArC) group. I worked on finite-element solvers, a surface roughness generation package, and some computational quantum transport studies.

In undergrad I was involved in a number of quite different research projects, including a computational biology capstone course project on improving phasing algorithms with Walter Ruzzo that was taken up by two masters' students, and an automated microscopy project with David Cobden of the UW Nanodevice Lab.


I'm currently (Fall 2019) a head TA for CS 2800 (Discrete Structures).

What I'm Reading

Other Sites

30 Minutes Project: https://spencerpeters.github.io/30-minutes/