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I'm a PhD student at Cornell University, advised by David Steurer. I think about algorithms and complexity, especially average-case analysis and semidefinite programming hierarchies. I was an undergraduate at the University of Washington, where I studied mathematics, computer science, and philosophy.

During my PhD, I have been supported by a Microsoft Research PhD Fellowship, an NSF Graduate Research Fellowship, and a Cornell University Fellowship.


A Nearly Tight Sum-of-Squares Lower Bound for the Planted Clique Problem
Boaz Barak, Samuel B. Hopkins, Jonathan Kelner, Pravesh Kothari, Ankur Moitra, Aaron Potechin. FOCS 2016, invited to special issue.
full version

Fast Spectral Algorithms from Sum-of-Squares Proofs: Tensor Decomposition and Planted Sparse Vectors
(Formerly Speeding up Sum-of-Squares for Tensor Decomposition and Planted Sparse Vectors)
Samuel B. Hopkins, Tselil Schramm, Jonathan Shi, David Steurer. STOC 2016.
full version

On the Integrality Gap of Degree-4 Sum of Squares for Planted Clique
Samuel B. Hopkins, Pravesh Kothari, Aaron Potechin, Prasad Raghavendra, Tselil Schramm. SODA 2016, invited to special issue.
merge of this full version (Hopkins, Kothari, Potechin) and this one (Raghavendra, Schramm)

Tensor Principal Component Analysis via Sum-of-Squares Proofs
Samuel B. Hopkins, Jonathan Shi, David Steurer. COLT 2015, 20 minute presentation.
full version

Kolmogorov Complexity, Circuits, and the Strength of Formal Theories of Arithmetic
Eric Allender, George Davie, Luke Friedman, Samuel B. Hopkins, Iddo Tzameret. Chicago Journal of Theoretical Computer Science, 2013.
ECCC version and journal version

On Objects as Events and the Ontology of Temporal Parts
Sam Hopkins. Res Cogitans, Summer 2010.
journal version

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