Sagar Jha

(Fall 2015 - Summer 2022)


Note: I have graduated and started working as a software engineer in the NetInfra team at Google in Madison starting Sep 12, 2022!

About me

Hello, I am a PhD student in Computer Science, advised by Prof. Ken Birman. I am interested in studying distributed systems. My research at Cornell has focused on Derecho, an RDMA-based group communication library written in C++-17.


B. Tech.

IIT-B Computer Science and Engineering - IIT Bombay - 2011-2015




  • Derecho
    Derecho is a replication system on RDMA.

  • Towards more robust and simplified failure handling in distributed systems
    Work done at VMware Research, Palo Alto, in the summer of 2021 (remotely from Ithaca, NY).

  • Visage: Towards Real-Time Analytics with Geospatial Imagery
    Work done at Microsoft Research, Seattle in the summer of 2019.
    The paper is appearing in MobiCom 2021 being held March 28 - April 1, 2022.

  • Spindle
    Spindle is a set of techniques to optimize RDMA atomic multicast performance for small messages.
    Self-published on arXiv.


I wrote a package in emacs-lisp for managing multiple emacs shells and running commands in them. It is part of MELPA (repository of Emacs packages).

multi-run GitHub page


I am deeply passionate about chess. I have a USCF classical rating of 2084.

chess profile


It contains details about my academic/extra-curricular achievements and teaching roles.



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