I am a computer science researcher broadly working on algorithms, AI, and their applications to social good. My research uses algorithmic, computational, and network-based insights to improve access to opportunity for historically under-served and marginalized communities. As part of this research mission, I co-founded the Mechanism Design for Social Good initiative with Kira Goldner, which we co-organize with Irene Lo.

I am currently a computer science Ph.D. candidate at Cornell University, where I am advised by Jon Kleinberg, and an affiliate of the Center for the Study of Inequality and the AI, Policy, and Practice Initiative. My work is informed by insights from economics and sociology. I also work closely with domain experts from various government and non-government organizations. Throughout 2019, I will be serving on the Advisory Committee to the Director working group on AI for the NIH.

I will be joining the Harvard Society of Fellows as a Junior Fellow in the Fall of 2019.

Short Bio: I was born and raised in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia -- home to Lucy, a more sensible time convention, its own alphabet, the birthplace of coffee, and 13 months of sunshine. I am a proud graduate of the Ethiopian National Curriculum. I am passionate about increasing diversity and inclusion in computing and co-founded Black in AI, a group aimed at increasing the presence and inclusion of Black researchers and practitioners in the field of AI.