I have found teaching to be a great way to learn both technical and soft skills.


Teaching Assistant

I won a Cornell Computer Science Teaching Assistant Award in 2019 in recognition of my accomplishments and contributions as a TA for CS 4850 taught by Prof. John Hopcroft.

  • CS 4850 - Mathematical Foundations for The Information Age


As an undergraduate student at UBC, I have been involved with the following courses.

Instructor / Coordinator

  • CPSC 490 - Problem Solving in Computer Science. I co-taught this student seminar on practical applications of advanced algorithms and data structures. My responsibilities included lecturing a class of 15-30 students 3 times a week, writing lecture notes and creating assignments.

Teaching Assistant

As a TA my responsibilities included lecturing sections ranging from 15 to 100 studentss, holding office hours and review sessions, and grading. I have taught a full lecture for CPSC 420 and CPSC 320 as well. I won a UBC Computer Science Teaching Assistant Award in 2017.

  • CPSC 540 - Machine Learning (graduate)*

  • CPSC 420 / 500 - Advanced Algorithm Design and Analysis*

  • CPSC 415 - Advanced Operating Systems

  • CPSC 340 - Machine Learning and Data Mining*

  • CPSC 320 - Intermediate Algorithm Design and Analysis (2x)

  • CPSC 213 - Introduction to Computer Systems (3x)

  • CPSC 121 - Models of Computation

* indicates that usually only graduate students are assigned to TA these courses but I was an undergrad when I was assigned.