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Rich Bernstein

Programmer/Analyst, Institute for Computational Sustainability
Project Coordinator and IT Manager, CompSustNet
Department of Computer Science
Cornell University

Contact Info

Office: 340 Bill and Melinda Gates Hall
Lab: 344 Bill and Melinda Gates Hall


I am a Programmer/Analyst at the Institute for Computational Sustainability, and Project Coordinator and IT Manager for CompSustNet. I develop software and computational methods, and prepare data sets, for a variety of scientific applications related to sustainability. I work on a variety of projects, including the interpretation of crystal structure data from Materials Science experiments looking for battery and fuel cell catalysts, and solar fuels; understanding movement patterns of pastoralists in east Africa, their water and forage resource use, and estimation of related environmental conditions from satellite imagery; and the design of wildlife conservation corridors. I am particularly interested in applications related to renewable energy and power systems.

Prior Work

Previously, I worked with the outreach team at the Cornell Theory Center (now the Center for Advanced Computing), primarily on the SciCentr program, which developed interactive educational content and activities using a 3D multi-user virtual enviroment based on ActiveWorlds. This program is now supported directly by the Greater Southern Tier BOCES.