Noam Zilberstein

I am a PhD Student at Cornell University. My research focuses on developing programming languages and formal methods that help developers more effectively reason about the correctness of their code. I strive to ground my work in my six years of experience as a Software Engineer at Facebook in order to create solutions that can be applied in practice and that scale well to large systems. During my time at Facebook, I successfully applied these ideas to formally verify critical concurrent algorithms and eliminate bugs using dependently typed code. Through my research and industry collaborations, I hope to bring about a new generation of software development techniques that can better meet the scale of today’s increasingly complex systems.


Dec ’21

I was selected to participate in this year’s POPL Student Research Competition

Nov ’21

My paper on formal verification work that I did at Facebook has been accepted to CPP

Nov ’21

I will be speaking at the Facebook Testing and Verification Symposium next month

Sep ’21

After 6 years, I am leaving Facebook to start my PhD at Cornell University


CPP  ’22
Quentin Carbonneaux, Noam Zilberstein, Peter O'Hearn, Christoph Klee, Francesco Zappa Nardelli