CS294-8: Principles of Fault Tolerant Computing
Fall 2000
Homework 1: Anatomy of Failure
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Y2K: The "Millennium Bug" System Failures

Y2K Problem

The Year 2000 Problem (Y2K) exists in computer systems where a two-digit year field is used and the years 2000 and after cannot be distinguished from years before (i.e. 2000 from 1900), resulting in potential erroneous date-based calculations.

In January, a World Bank report estimated that only 21 of 139 developing countries had taken concrete steps to address the year 2000 problem. The report went on to anticipate year 2000 impacts on power, telecommunications, energy, food distribution and medical care in developing countries.


The millennium bug caused 67 "significant" computer failures across the world in the first week of the New Year. The bug count was collated by the Year 2000 Research Center, which was set up by accountants KPMG and the British Bankers Association. The glitches ranged from failures reported at US power stations to problems with Internet music systems around the world.

As of March 1, 2000, There were no significant leap year computer problems reported according to the International Y2K Cooperation Center.


The effects from the Millennium Bug could have been catastrophic. However, due to the cooperation of the worlds governments and hundreds of billions of dollars spent to kill off the bug worldwide, Y2K ended as mere only glitches.

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