Security and Privacy Discussion Group
Organizer: Ethan Cecchetti

Schedule (Summer 2017)

Date Topic Discussion Leader
June 7 Organizational Meeting Ethan Cecchetti
June 14
Overview of Intel SGX
Intel SGX Explained – Sections 1, 5.8, and 6.6
Victor Costan and Srinivas Devadas
Eleanor Birrell
June 21
Shortcomings of SGX
Intel SGX Explained – Section 6
Victor Costan and Srinivas Devadas
Isaac Sheff
June 28 Inferring Fine-grained Control Flow Inside SGX Enclaves with Branch Shadowing
Sangho Lee, Ming-Wei Shih, Prasun Gera, Taesoo Kim, Hyesoon Kim, and Marcus Peinado
Tom Magrino
July 5 (Cancelled. Enjoy your July 4th)
July 12 T-SGX: Eradicating Controlled-Channel Attacks Against Enclave Programs
Ming-Wei Shih, Sangho Lee, Taesoo Kim, and Marcus Peinado
NDSS '17
Lorenz Breidenbach
July 19 (Cancelled due to IC3/Ethereum Bootcamp)
July 26 Sealed-Glass Proofs: Using Transparent Enclaves to Prove and Sell Knowledge
Florian Tramèr, Fan Zhang, Huang Lin, Jean-Pierre Hubaux, Ari Juels, and Elaine Shi
Euro S&P '17
Ethan Cecchetti
August 2 (Cancelled due to lack of discussion leader)
August 9
August 16
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