Security and Privacy Discussion Group
Organizer: Ethan Cecchetti

Schedule (Fall 2018)

Date Room Topic Discussion Leader
Aug 29 Organizational Meeting Ethan Cecchetti
Sept 5 (Cancelled)
Sept 12 Skill Squatting Attacks on Amazon Alexa
Deepak Kumar, Riccardo Paccagnella, Paul Murley, Eric Hennenfent, Joshua Mason, Adam Bates, and Michael Bailey
Sam Havron
Sept 19 Oblix: An Efficient Oblivious Search Index
Pratyush Mishra, Rishabh Poddar, Jerry Chen, Alessandro Chiesa, and Raluca Ada Popa
Oakland '18
Natacha Crooks
Sept 26 Privacy Risk in Machine Learning: Analyzing the Connection to Overfitting
Samuel Yeom, Irene Giacomelli, Matt Fredrikson, and Somesh Jha
CSF '18
Ethan Cecchetti
Oct 3 Macaroons: Cookies with Contextual Caveats for Decentralized Authorization in the Cloud
Arnar Birgisson, Joe Gibbs Politz, Ulfar Erlingsson, Ankur Taly, Michael Vrable, and Mark Lentczner
NDSS '14
Andrew Hirsch
Oct 10 Bloomberg 201 (NYC) (Postponed due to poor attendance 😞)
Oct 17 Clock Around the Clock: Time-Based Device Fingerprinting
Iskander Sanchez-Rola, Igor Santos, and Davide Balzarotti
CCS '18
Julia Len
Oct 24 General State Channel Networks
Stefan Dziembowski, Sebastian Faust, and Kristina Hostáková
CCS '18
Isaac Sheff
Oct 31 How You Get Shot in the Back: A Systematical Study about Cryptojacking in the Real World
Geng Hong, Zhemin Yang, Sen Yang, Lei Zhang, Yuhong Nan, Zhibo Zhang, Min Yang, Yuan Zhang, Zhiyun Qian, and Haixin Duan
CCS '18
Lucy Li
Nov 7 CONIKS: Bringing Key Transparency to End Users
Marcela S. Melara, Aaron Blankstein, Joseph Bonneau, Edward W. Felten, and Michael J. Freedman
Jasleen Malvai
Nov 14 Towards Deep Learning Models Resistant to Adversarial Attacks
Aleksander Madry, Aleksandar Makelov, Ludwig Schmidt, Dimitris Tsipras, and Adrian Vladu
Roei Schuster
Nov 21 (Thanksgiving Break)
Nov 28 DIZK: A Distributed Zero Knowledge Proof System
Howard Wu, Wenting Zheng, Alessandro Chiesa, Raluca Ada Popa, and Ion Stoica
Phil Daian
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