E. Andy Ricci


Email: ericci{at}cs.cornell.edu

Twitter: @EAndyRicci

Office: Gates 350

About Me

I am a fourth year PhD student in Computer Science at Cornell University.

Teaching Experience

CS 4750: Foundations of Robotics, Head Teaching Assistant [September - November 2019]

CS 4750: Foundations of Robotics, Teaching Assistant [September - December 2018]

Industry Experience

Software Development Research Intern @ Amazon Robotics [Summer 2020]

As an intern I collaborated with a team to develop solutions for a new multi-robot system. My work focused on navigation and path planning algorithms for drive units in high congestion areas.

Workshop Papers

"A Bounded Suboptimal Environmental Monitoring Algorithm"
Elizabeth Ricci and Ross Knepper. Presented at the 2nd Workshop on Informative Path Planning and Adaptive Sampling at RSS, June 2019