meridian Octant
A Comprehensive Framework for Geolocalization on the Internet

GeoLocalization Results

The marker within the blue lines represents Octant's estimated location of the target. The marker within the red lines represents GeoLim's estimate. If the red lines are not shown, it indicates that GeoLim returned an empty area and failed to localize the target.

The enclosed region within the blue and red lines represent the regions where each repective localization scheme believes the target is contained in. A smaller region is desireable given the same prediction accuracy.

Target: (Boulder, Colorado)

Target: (Atlanta, Georgia)

Target: (Bloomington, Indiana)

Target: (Houghton, Michigan)

Target: (Las Cruces, New Mexico)

I wonder if the webserver is actually hosted at Albuquerque

Target: (Athens, Ohio)

Target: (Minneapolis, Minnesota)

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