Benjamin Ylvisaker Head Shot

Benjamin Ylvisaker

Senior Scientist, GrammaTech

Visiting Lecturer, Cornell


Hi! I work at GrammaTech, primarily on static analyses for finding concurrency bugs in large-scale C and C++ programs. For the 2012-2013 academic year I am a visiting lecturer at Cornell. Here is a pdf-formatted version of my CV. If you would like to contact me, please use one of the following email addresses: — Non-Cornell and Non-GrammaTech — Cornell-related business — GrammaTech-related business

My office is Upson Hall 4105A, but I'm not there often, so make arrangements before dropping by.


Courses I taught or will be teaching:


At GrammaTech I primarily work on advanced static analyses for detecting concurrency bugs. Most of this work is proprietary, and therefore is unpublished. However, I did give the following presentations:

Previously I was a member of the Mosaic group at The University of Washington. I designed and implemented a C-level programming language for parallel coprocessor architectures like FPGAs and GPUs. I also worked with a substantial number of undergraduate students on CPU-intensive demonstration applications, drawn from a variety of scientific and media processing domains.

Way back in the day I participated in the PipeRench project.