pvc-email-Enron dataset
This is a dataset with a "planted vertex cover" core-periphery structure. Every edge in the network contains at least one node in the core. The core is comprised of the email addresses of the individuals whose email inboxes were released as part of the investigation by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. The dataset contains the identification of the core nodes, the timestamped emails, and the email addresses. Some summary statistics of the network are:
  • number of nodes: 18,592
  • number of edges: 43,227
  • number of core nodes: 146
  • minimum vertex cover size: 146
Data files: If you use this data, please cite the following paper:
  • Found Graph Data and Planted Vertex Covers.
    Austin R. Benson and Jon Kleinberg.
    Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems, 2018. [bibtex]