email-Enron dataset
This is a temporal higher-order network dataset, which here means a sequence of timestamped simplices where each simplex is a set of nodes. In email communication, messages can be sent to multiple recipients. In this dataset, nodes are email addresses at Enron and a simplex is comprised of the sender and all recipients of the email. Timestamps are in millisecond resolution. Only email addresses from a core set of employees are included. The dataset was derived from the corpus hosted by William Cohen here. We restricted to simplices that consist of at most 25 nodes. Some basic statistics of this dataset are:
  • number of nodes: 143
  • number of timestamped simplices: 10,883
  • number of unique simplices: 1,542
  • number of edges in projected graph: 1,800
Data restricted to simplices with at most 25 nodes: Full data without restriction on simplex size: If you use this data, please cite the following paper:
  • Simplicial closure and higher-order link prediction.
    Austin R. Benson, Rediet Abebe, Michael T. Schaub, Ali Jadbabaie, and Jon Kleinberg.
    Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS), 2018. [bibtex]