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(Note: polls must be stopped manually)
Your name and e-mail address are used when sending e-mail to voters. Your name should be recognizable to voters, and the e-mail address must work, because CIVS emails you the information needed to control the poll. Make sure your spam filter does not block mail from (or check your spam folder if the mail does not arrive!).

Description of the poll and available choices (may include HTML):

Enter the names of all the choices (candidates), one per line, or upload a file containing all the choices:

How many choices will win:

The e-mail addresses of up to 1000 voters, one per line. Voters can also be added later.

More options (mouse over each check box for more information)

Make this a public poll.
Make this a test poll: read all votes from a file.
Make results available only to a limited set of users.

Enter email addresses of users permitted to view poll results: (All voters can see these email addresses)

Enable detailed ballot reporting.

In detailed ballot report, also reveal the identity of the voter with each ballot.
Voters are not anonymous if this is checked, nor does the server discard voter email addresses as it normally does. Voters are warned about this lack of anonymity.

Allow voters to write in new choices.
Present choices on voting page in exactly the given order.
Allow voters to select “no opinion” for some choices.
Enforce proportional representation [more information]

For proportional representation, voters are assumed to be maximizing:
rank of their favorite choice
combined weights of selected choices

Make sure your e-mail address is correct, because poll information will be emailed to you. Voters will not be informed of the poll's existence until you respond to this e-mail message.