The companies listed below have hired undergraduates from our program. Email addresses of some of our alumni (and a few non-alumni contacts) are listed for the benefit of Cornell CS students who would like to find out what it's like to work in the industry. We also have a recent placement list showing the destinations of some of our graduating seniors.

Company Business Contact
( A = Cornell alum, T = technical, R = recruiter )

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Accenture Management Consulting Douglas Calby '81(A)
Accenture I.T. Consulting Tara Kitley (R)
Accenture I.T. Consulting Nick Nemati '98 (A)
Acclaim Entertainment   Josh Markiewicz '98 (A)
Altera Microprocessors Chris Currivan '97 (A) Website Platform and Quality Dennis Lee '92(A)
Apple Computer Hardware pending
Applied Signal Technologies Signal Processing Equipment Tammy Kim Nguyen '96(A)
AT&T Telecommunications Peggy Hungerford (R)
Autodesk Internet, Industry Portals, Ventures, CAD, GIS, Multimedia Catherine Starkey '97(A)
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Bain Capital Investment Management Vikram Punwani '98 (A)
Bitcom, Inc. Engineering Consulting Steven Lee '96 (A)
Bloomberg Financial Communication Systems Clario Menezes '04(A)
Bloomberg Financial Communication Systems Ari Gani '03 (A)
Bloomberg Financial Communication Systems Jeff Cohen '93, MEng '04 (A)
Bloomberg Financial Communication Systems Shafat Zaman MS '04 (A)
Blue Origin Software for Aerospace Applications contact Dan Jenkins '82
Booz-Allen and Hamilton Accounting and Financial Services contact Dan Jenkins '82
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Cambridge Technology Group Systems Integration, Consulting Cheryl Tourney '97 (A)
Central Intelligence Agency Intelligence and National Security CIA Careers
CGI-AMS I.T. Consulting Jennifer L. Gauvreau '97(A)
CIGNA Corp. Insurance and Financial Services Sara Merchant (R)
Citibank Banking and Financial Services Kenneth Lee '97(A)
Computer Associates, Inc. eBusiness Software Stephanie Filak (R)
Creditex, Inc.  Online Trading Mazy Dar '97 (A)
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Deutsche Bank Corporate & Investment Banking  
DigiTerra (CIBER) E Commerce & ERP Consulting  Shelly Smith (R)
E         | top |
E-Centric Corp. Electronic Mail Technology Tevya Rachelson '96 (A)
G         | top |
Green Hills Software Embedded Software Tools & Real Time Operating Systems Nikola Valerjev '96 (A)
Goldman Sachs Investment Banking Nazgol Moussavi '96 (A)
H         | top |
Hewlett-Packard Microwave Communications Tony Dicolen '80 (A)
Hewlett-Packard Product Data Manager Chuck Ortenberg '77(A)
Hughes Network Systems Network Systems Steven Huang, MEng '96 (A)
I           | top |
IBM Watson Research Center Pervasive Media Management Matt Hill '96 (A)
Informatica Data Warehousing Software Lillian Lim '90, MEng '92 (A)
Intel Microprocessors Joe Huber '89 (A)
Intel Technical Marketing Darren Yee '95 (A)
Intelligent Light Visualization Software and Tools Steve Legensky (R)
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Jet Propulsion Laboratory Space Science and Research Charles Thompson (T)
Jet Propulsion Laboratory Space Science and Research John Wright (T)
JPMorganChase Banking and Financial Services  
K         | top |
Keane, Inc. IT Consulting Patricia Weterrings (R)
L         | top |
Lockheed Martin Aerospace Engineering Jobs:
Lockheed Martin Aerospace Engineering Steven Alter (T)
Los Alamos Nat'l Labs Graphics and Visualization Robert Gurule (T)
LucasArts Entertainment Entertainment contact Dan Jenkins '82
M         | top |
McKinsey & Company Management Consulting Parviz Parvizi '99 (A)
Microsoft Software Applications Vasantha Badari '97(A)
Microsoft Software Applications Eshwar Somashekar '95 (A)
Motorola Wireless Technologies Wanda Barrett (R)
Motorola Mobile Devices Charles Wu '91(A)
N         | top |
Namco Hometek Computer Graphics/Entertainment Josh Markiewicz  '98 (A)
NASA Aeronautics, Aerospace contact Dan Jenkins '82
National Security Agency Intelligence Karina Noelani Tam Orot '96 (A)
National Semiconductor Microprocessors and Hardware pending
Netscape Web Browsers Nisheeth Ranjan '97 (A)
Novell Software Jennifer Craig (R)
O         | top |
Oracle Software Sanket Atal '89 (A)
P         | top |
PARC Technology Research (undergrad internships) Nicolas Ducheneaut (R)
PARC Technology Research (graduate internships) Lisa Fahey (R)
PricewaterhouseCoopers Marketing/Creative Services Sherrie Wu '96 (A)
Procter & Gamble Consumer Products Scott Goodfellow '93 (A)
R         | top |
RiskMetrics Group Risk Management Brendan Shea '98 (A)
S         | top |
Sabre Logistics, Planning, Shipping Jennifer Cusick(R)
Salomon Smith Barney Investment Banking pending
Sandia National Labs Research and Development pending
SCO Software Jean Brubeck (R)
Sapient Corporation Systems Design Basheer Mohamed (A)
SGI Graphics Hardware/Software Bill Feth '99 (A)
SilverBack Technologies Network Monitoring Systems (MSP) Gregory Paul '92 (A)
SINA Corporation Online Media (China) William Peng '00 (A)
Summit Group Inc. Systems Consulting Cassie Haun (R)
Sun Microsystems Software Lisa Camesano '92(A)
Sun Microsystems Software Aravind Narasimhan '97(A)
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Tektronix, Inc. Video Telecom & Testing Rob Abramovitz (T)
Telcordia Telecommunications contact Dan Jenkins '82
Teradyne Test Equipment Software Dan Proskauer '90 (A)
Texas Instruments Digital Processors & Devices pending
Trilogy Software Patrick Nichols '97(A)
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Verizon Telecommunications Joy Ramsbotham (R)
Visient Corporation Software Systems and Management Sheri Evy (R)
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Winstar Communications Broadband Services David Ackerman '66 (A)
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Alumni, technical staff members, recruiters: please email us if you or your company would like to be included in the above list.

For more information email the Undergraduate Office.