Undergraduate Lab

The Undergraduate Computing Lab (UGCLab, formerly know as CSUGlab) is located on the ground floor of Gates Hall. For specific information, visit the CSUG Hardware and Software Resources Website.

Lab Location, Hours, and Access

The CS Undergraduate lab is located in Gates Hall, room G33. The lab is normally open 24 hours a day, seven days a week to students with current lab accounts. Students with UCG accounts can swipe their Cornell ID in the card reader for access to room G33. 


Account requests must be submitted by the professor, instructor, TA or admin staff for the course. Computer Science Undergraduate Majors accounts are requested by the CS Undergraduate Office in 110 Gates Hall upon affiliation with the major.

Cornell Information Technology Home Page

The "Computing at Cornell" site contains information on all aspects of computing on campus, from account information and network status to technical support and facility information.

The CIT Help Desk site contains troubleshooting guides, network information, virus information, and a variety of other references for computer users at Cornell.

Academic Technology Services, part of Cornell Information Technologies, administers eight public labs on campus. These vary in size, software offerings, and hours of operation. Please refer to ATS web resources for the most up-to-date information on these sites and other related inquiries.

Personal Computers

The Department of Computer Science at Cornell does not offer advice concerning the purchase of PC's or other computing platforms. Our curriculum is designed around on-campus laboratory and public computing facilities. While we acknowledge that owning a personal computer can be very beneficial for any student, we prefer not to get into the business of recommending specific platforms or configurations for students at Cornell. The Graduate School of Management at Cornell has created web pages to help business school students understand what kind of computer they need to have at school: JGSM Computer Requirements.

It is worth noting, however, that Cornell University is considered to be one of the most wired schools in the nation. Truth is, you will be hard pressed to find any other program in the United States that puts so many current PC's in the hands of its computer science majors. If you have special computing needs that aren't being met by the CSUG labs, you should first discuss your needs with your course instructor or faculty research sponsor. The PCs in our labs--when purchased--are the best machines available for the particular uses and requirements of our CS students and courses. To keep current we are constantly upgrading or replacing the PC's in our labs. For information about machines and upgrades please visit the UGC Lab Website. If you have further questions about any of this please feel free to email us at: ugrad "at" cs.cornell.edu.