Demo Applets

Heavy tails and combinatorial search
A series of demo applets from Carla Gomes's page illustrating heavy-tailed behavior and random restart techniques.
Referral Web
A system for exploring structure in social networks. The current demo shows a version of the social network of computer scientists linked together via co-author ship. Example query: Select "Anchor", enter "Karp". See here for more details. Joint work with Henry Kautz.


Student project applets

Reinforcement learning applet
Demonstrates  reinforcement learning by balancing a pole on moving head. Applet written by Dan Hess (CS672 project). Readme file. Further documentation.
Illustrating search techniques and randomization using an old AI constraint/search favorite, the N-queens problem. You can rescale the board, adjust the display speed, pre-place queens. Start with N = 8 and pure backtrack search. The scale up to e.g. 20x20 and compare the solution speed to some of the randomized methods. Applet written by Matt Taylor]. (CS43 project.) Readme file.
Ministry of Silly Walks (Evolutionary Walker)
A genetic algorithm approach to "learning to walk". Applet written by Matt Harren and Allen Wang (CS672 project). Readme file. Further documentation. (doc)
Bouncing Balls

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