ARF: Artistic Radiance Fields

1Cornell University 2Adobe Research

We aim to create high-quality artistic 3D contents by transferring styles from exemplar paintings to NeRF and its variants.

Note: this webpage contains a lot of videos and takes a while to load. (Chrome browser seems faster)

Comparative evaluations

Left: our method; Right: Huang et al. ICCV'21.

Left: our method; Middle: Huang et al. ICCV'21; Right: Chiang et al. WACV'22

Ablation studies

Left-to-right: (a) our full pipeline; (b) remove color transfer; (c) replace NNFM loss with gram loss; (d) replace NNFM loss with CNNMRF loss

Left: ARF+Plenoxel; Middle: ARF+NeRF; Right: ARF+TensoRF

Top: with color transfer; Bottom: without color transfer
Left-to-right: (a) conv1 block; (b) conv2 block; (c) conv3 block; (d) conv4 block; (e) conv5 block

Acknowledgements: We would like to thank Adobe artist Daichi Ito for helpful discussions about 3D artistic styles. The website template is borrowed from Nerfies.