ACSU Programming Competition

25 September 1999

Results and Solutions


The problems are available as a postscript document. Correct solutions submitted during the contest are in the table below, along with the input the judges used and the corresponding output. The names in the table are the authors.

Problem C++ Solution Java Solution Judge Input Correct Output
A - Counting Trees
B - Favorite Grove
C - Take a Rest
D - Stop the Invasion
E - Clearings
F - Sunny Spots
Vikesh Goel
Paul Jensen
Yongjun Zheng
Kang-hoe Kim
Hubert Chen
Jacob Hoffman-Andrews
Saif Ahmed
Matt Monte
Joel Chestnutt
no correct solution
Hao Kung
David Shepperton

All problems were solved correctly by at least one person. Problem D was the only problem not solved in both languages.

There were 47 participants. One person got 5 problems right; five people got 4 problems right; three people got 3 right; thirteen got 2 right; eleven got 1 right.


The top three contestants were:
  1. Kang-hoe Kim
  2. Jacob Hoffman-Andrews
  3. Hubert Chen
The winners all programmed in C++.

CollegeHire donated the prizes. They were a Sega Dreamcast with two controllers and the game "Soul Calibur", a Kodak DC240 1.3 megapixel digital camera, and a Palm Pilot V with carrying case. They also donated t-shirts and pizza for everyone.

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