ACSU Programming Competition

26 September 1998

Results and Solutions


The problems are available as a Microsoft Word document. (You may have to shift-click on the link to get it to download properly.) Otherwise, each problem and solution are on their own page:
  1. Making Change
  2. The Urabomber
  3. Generation Gap
  4. Campus Routes
  5. A Base-ic Problem
This was a very successful competition. Every problem was answered correctly, but nobody got all 5 problems correct.

There were 38 participants; 31 got at least one problem correct. Problem 1 had 6 correct submissions; Problem 2 had 1; Problem 3 had 30; Problem 4 had 3; Problem 5 had 4.


The top three contestants were:
  1. David Kempe, 4 problems, 436 minutes
  2. Mike Smullens, 3 problems, 295 minutes
  3. Yongjun Zheng, 3 problems, 508 minutes
Trilogy donated two Sony Playstations for prizes.
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