Jornada 720: Getting Started

Installing the driver for the wireless card

In order to be able to use the wireless card with the Jornada you have to install the manufacturer's driver. For the driver installation Administrator rights are required. In the undergrad lab (Upson 315) we set up one machine (the one next to the printer cucslab1) for you to be able to install the driver. The following instructions are written for this machine. If you want to install the driver on some other machine you first have to install ActiveSync 3.5. If this other machine is your personal computer you have to install ActiveSync anyway to be able to develop programs for Jornada.

Before you install the driver make sure you have installed the backup battery. Refer to the manual for instructions on how to do this. If you installed the backup battery you have to install the driver only once.

Developing programs in Undergrad Lab (315 Upson)

If you plan to do all the developement in UGLab you don't have to install any software (it is already installed for you) except the wireless driver and the HandHeld PC 2000 environment.