Java Benchmarks

This page describes the benchmarks that I have collected for architectural studies.

Name Inputs Code/Run/Trace Threading Legal Description
1. Javac java\io\*.java Singlethreaded Free with JDK Java source to bytecode compiler from Sun.
2. Pizza java\io\*.java Singlethreaded Public domain Java source to bytecode compiler.
3. Javacup Exprcalc Singlethreaded Public domain Parser generator for Java.
4. JLex Sample.lex Singlethreaded Public domain Lexical analyzer generator for Java.
5. Javadoc java/lang/*.java Singlethreaded Free with JDK Documentation generator for Java.
6. Cassowary ClTests Singlethreaded Public Domain (gjb) Constraint solver from University of Washington.
7. InstantDB Sample+Queries Multithreaded Free Database, JDBC driver, and SQL scripts
8. JLogo threads.logo Multithreaded Free (GPL) Logo interpreter.
9. Java Web Server fetch 10000 Multithreaded 30 days free, license from Sun Industrial web server from Sun.
10. Raytracer none Multithreaded Free (jonal) A raytracing applet
11. Proxy fetch 10000 Multithreaded Public Domain HTTP proxy.
12. Mandelbrot none Multithreaded Free (jonal) Calculates and renders the mandelbrot set
13. Galaxy none Multithreaded Free Plenatary motion simulator applet.
14. VolanoMark none Multithreaded Public domain Synthetic benchmark for threading.
15. DJOS none Multithreaded UW (zives) Distributed object system.
16. Websaver none Multithreaded Shareware (30 days free) Web client
17. JFTP none Multithreaded FTP daemon (code not complete)
18. Webster none Multithreaded Free (jonal) Web server (too simplistic)
19. Atari emulator ? Singlethreaded UW (rgrimm/dewey/molly) Atari emulator.
20. Pool ? ? MS (dtarditi) Game of pool (sources are incomplete)
22. ChaiServer none Multithreaded Free from HP Web server.
23. HotJava none Multithreaded Free from Sun Web browser.
24. JavaGrande none ? Free Numerically intensive synthetic benchmark.
21. DB none Singlethreaded SPEC Database engine.
22. Jack none Singlethreaded SPEC Parser generator.
23. mtrt none Multithreaded SPEC two-threaded raytracer.
24. mpegaudio none Singlethreaded SPEC Audio decompressor.
25. jess none Singlethreaded SPEC Expert system shell.
26. compress none Singlethreaded SPEC File compressor.
27. JGL none Singlethreaded Free Java generic library.
28. vtrans none Singlethreaded? IBM high performance Java translator.
29. jacorb none Multithreaded U. Freie Java object request broker.
30. jolt none Singlethreaded? K.B.Sriram Java to C translator.
31. jobe none Singlethreaded? E. Jokipii Java obfuscator.
32. hashjava none Singlethreaded? K.B.Sriram Java obfuscator.
33. wingdis none Singlethreaded? Wingsoft Java decompiler.
34. dhrystone none Singlethreaded Free Dhrystone benchmark.
35. Array none Multithreaded IBM Matrix multiply.
36. Plasma none Multithreaded MSR/Erik Ruf Numerical simulation of plasma physics.
37. Slice none Multithreaded MSR/Erik Ruf Medical imaging.

Legend: First check means that we have the code for the benchmark, the second check indicates that the benchmark runs in our local environment, the third one means that we have collected a synchronization trace for the benchmark. A gray check () indicates that we have an older version of the code/run/trace.

Emin Gün Sirer

Project Kimera /
Department of Computer Science and Engineering
© 1997, University of Washington