Package jif.types.principal

Interface Summary
BottomPrincipal The bottom principal (written '_') allows all other principals to act for it.
ConjunctivePrincipal A conjunctive principal represents the conjunction of two principals A&B.
DisjunctivePrincipal A disjunctive principal represents the disjunction of two principals "A or B".
DynamicPrincipal Dynamic principal.
ExternalPrincipal The external principal is used primarily for testing purposes.
ParamPrincipal The principal derived from a principal parameter.
Principal The root interface of all kinds of Jif principals.
TopPrincipal The top principal is able to act for all other principals.
UnknownPrincipal A representation of any unknown principal.

Class Summary
DynamicPrincipal_c An implementation of the DynamicPrincipal interface.
ExternalPrincipal_c An implementation of the ExternalPrincipal interface.
ParamPrincipal_c An implementation of the ParamPrincipal interface.
Principal_c An abstract implementation of the Principal interface.
UnknownPrincipal_c An implementation of the UnknownPrincipal interface.
VarPrincipal_c An implementation of the VarPrincipal interface.