Date Posted: 4/10/2017

Robbert van Renesse, Cornell CIS Research Professor, has been awarded a research grant from eBay to help support the Consus transactional key-value store. The funds help enable a research assistantship for Robbert’s PhD student, Robert Escriva.

“Beyond providing another semester of research assistantship, this funding opportunity opens the door to future discussions and collaborations with eBay that can inspire new directions for research and reinforce directions already taken,” said Robbert.

“We are so excited to be supporting Cornell in their continued research and collaboration to push the boundaries in helping solve some of the greatest technology challenges,” said Sami Ben Romdhane, VP & Fellow of Platform & Infrastructure Architecture, eBay.

eBay develops strategic partnerships that enables them to provide funding to non-profit organizations solving some of the greatest social and environmental challenges and help support future business initiatives.