Date Posted: 9/07/2016

Bart Selman and Joe Halpern are co-PIs on a new multi-university Center for Human-Compatible Artificial Intelligence, led by Stuart Russell of Berkeley and also including the University of Michigan. 

Selman was quoted by Inverse "about the Center, A.I.s that we should fear, and why the world probably isn’t headed to hell in a handbasket — yet."  When asked, "Is there anything else I should know about the Center, or about malevolent A.I. in general?" Selman replied, "It’s important to give the positive side. It’s easy to emphasize the risks — and, of course, that’s partly why these centers are established — but it’s also important to point out that a lot of researchers feel that this risk is manageable, and that the upsides will be tremendous."

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Image: BRETT robot ties knot after seeing demonstation
Source: Berkeley News