Date Posted: 7/29/2016

International news outlets consulted Gun Sirer when a man claiming to be the person behind the name of “Satoshi Nakamoto” began to backpedal.  "Satoshi Nakamoto" is the creator of bitcoin; Craig Wright initially said he could prove he was Nakamoto.

Salon quoted Sirer as saying that Wright didn't understand the risks of potential attacks to bitcoin: "It seemed like he failed to understand what the whole attack was about. That completely made me doubt his veracity".

Sputnik News, which has been described as "part of Russia's information war against the West", also quoted Sirer: "D'après notre correspondance il était clair que Wright n'était pas un spécialiste des protocoles réseau. Il sait peut-être comment installer des serveurs, voire un peu plus, mais ce n'est pas Satochi. "

The London Review of Books mentions Sirer's reference to Wright's "meta-modernist play".

Sirer is also mentioned in articles by the major Italian daily newspaper La Stampa and  the French publication Journal du Geek.