David Bindel and CAM PhD student Amanda Hood's paper "Localization Theorems for Nonlinear Eigenvalue Problems" has received two major and independent prizes, the 2015 SIAG/Linear Algebra prize and selection as a SIAM Review SIGEST paper.

The 2015 SIAG/Linear Algebra prize goes to the authors of the most outstanding paper on a topic in applicable linear algebra published in English in a peer-reviewed journal within the three (3) calendar years preceding the year of the award.  Bindel and Hood's citation reads, "This extremely well-written paper shows how to extend localization results for linear eigenvalue problems to nonlinear eigenvalue problems, providing new insight into this important, challenging class of models."

Selection as a SIGEST paper for SIAM Review is another major recognition in the field (and precludes eligibility for SIAM outstanding paper prizes). Each SIGEST section highlights an exceptional paper, chosen for its readability and wide appeal to the SIAM community, that has previously appeared in one of SIAM's nine specialized research journals. Bindel and Hood's paper will appear in the December 2015 SIAM Review issue.