Chronicle Article By Bill Steele:

Zhiming Shen, a doctoral candidate in the Department of Computer Science, has

received a 2015 IBM Ph.D. Fellowship Award to support his graduate studies.

Students are accepted for the highly competitive awards based on their overall

potential for research excellence, the degree to which their technical interests

align with those of IBM, and their academic progress.


“My research interest is in cloud computing, which aligns with IBM's future

strategy: they attach great importance to the cloud market,” Shen said. “I think

all these factors played an important role while they were making the decision

to give me the award.”


Shen works with Hakim Weatherspoon, assistant professor of computer science, and

computer science principal researcher Robbert van Renesse on methods to make

cloud computing faster and more secure. Van Renesse nominated him for the



The award provides a one-year stipend covering tuition and fees with additional

research funding, and may be renewed each year for up to three years. Fellows

are matched with an IBM mentor according to their technical interests, and are

strongly encouraged to participate in at least one internship at IBM while

completing their studies. Shen has done a previous internship with IBM Research,

doing work that resulted in a patent for a system to eliminate duplication in

cloud storage by merging duplicate blocks while preserving data that may exist

in only one of two versions. For his next internship, he plans to spend a summer

working with IBM Cloud.


Shen and his Cornell advisers collaborate frequently with a research group at

IBM Watson Research Center headed by Hani Jamjoom, M.Eng. '97 and including Dan

Wiliams Ph.D. ‘13.