Date Posted: 12/21/2022

A research team headed by a Cornell undergraduate student received the Best Paper Award at the Conference on Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing (EMNLP) held Dec. 7 through 11 in Abu Dhabi.

Anya Ji ’23, a senior and master of engineering student majoring in computer science and psychology, is the first author of the award-winning paper, “Abstract Visual Reasoning with Tangram Shapes,” which introduces Kilogram, a resource for studying abstract visual reasoning in humans and machines. 

Along with Ji, Cornell-affiliated coauthors are: Noriyuki Kojima, a doctoral student in the field of computer science at Cornell Tech; Noah Rush ’21, currently a software engineer at Instructure; Alane Suhr ’22, who will join the University of California-Berkeley faculty as an assistant professor in July 2023, and Yoav Artzi, associate professor of computer science at Cornell Tech.

Other coauthors are Wai Keen Vong of New York University, and Robert D. Hawkins of Princeton University.