Date Posted: 4/20/2022

The aim of Computer Science Research Night — hosted by Cornell’s Association of Computer Science Undergraduates (ACSU) — is to provide a venue for undergraduates interested in research to connect with and learn first-hand from faculty and Ph.D. researchers. 

The Spring 2022 iteration of ACSU’s Computer Science Research Night took place on Thursday, March 31, in Gates Hall. More than 100 Cornell undergraduates attended the event, which included a Q&A with a panel of undergraduates discussing their experience in research. Panelists fielded questions about how they chose their research area, how they find research, and ways they balance research and coursework. A poster session led by current Computer Science Ph.D. students followed. 

“We receive a lot of positive feedback from undergrads,” said Yunrui (Arya) Song ‘24, an ACSU member. “They enjoyed the panelist discussion because they can learn what research is like as an undergrad from peers' perspectives. Research Night also provides them with opportunities to talk to Ph.D. students directly and potentially find opportunities to join research groups.” 

Song said the hope behind Research Night is to offer a more direct, peer-to-peer way for undergraduates to understand what research work is like.

Computer Science Research Night

“If they think they are a good fit for research and want to join a research group, we hope Research Night provides them with opportunities to connect with Ph.D. students,” she said. “We also want to provide a platform for Ph.D. students who want to find undergrad students.” 

Computer Science Research Night is held each semester.