Date Posted: 8/26/2020

Menglin Jia and Serge Belongie have been featured on back-to-back covers of the proceedings of the European Conference on Computer Vision (ECCV'20)—produced by RSIP Vision in cooperation with Computer Vision News.

Menglin Jia is a Computer Science Ph.D. candidate working under the supervision of Serge BelongieClaire Cardie, and Bharath Hariharan. Her work on "Fashionpedia: Ontology, Segmentation, and an Attribute Localization Dataset" was featured in ECCV'20 news, including a multi-page interview and in-depth illustrations of her research.

The next day, the ECCV'20 cover announced an exclusive interview with Serge Belongie, who is a Professor of Computer Science and Associate Dean at Cornell Tech. In the multi-page coverage, Belongie discusses his career in depth.

Also, early this summer, the work of Zekun Hao, a CS Ph.D. candidate, was featured in the same proceedings during CVPR.