Date Posted: 8/19/2020

CSMore—the Rising Sophomore Summer Program in Computer Science—has been named a recipient of INSIGHT Into Diversity magazine’s 2020 "Inspiring Programs in STEM" Award.

Editors of the magazine write in celebration of CSMore: “It’s a fact that underrepresented professionals who work in STEM fields enjoy significant opportunities to engage in new discoveries and innovations on a global scale. To advance diversity, promote equality, and build a stronger U.S. workforce, we at INSIGHT recognize the importance of increasing the number of people from underrepresented groups entering STEM professions. Colleges and universities have the opportunity to accomplish this through innovative programs and initiatives for current and future students.”

Noting criteria the recognizing this Cornell CS program, editors say that “this award is being presented as a tribute to people and programs that encourage and inspire a new generation of young people to consider careers in science, technology, engineering, and math.” They conclude: “Your award-winning program continues to make a significant difference through mentoring and teaching, research, and other efforts worthy of this national recognition.”

For more information about CSMore, especially if you’re a Freshman or rising Sophomore, please visit the program site for details of the program—and how to apply to it.

CSMore has been developed by incoming Chair of CS, Éva Tardos, Jacob Gould Schurman Professor of Computer Science, along with associate professor Hakim Weatherspoon and senior lecturer Anne Bracy.