Penguin Adventures, designed by Eric Del Priore '07 and Benjamin Sprattler '07, along with fellow students in CIS 300: Introduction to Computer Game Design, was one of many digital technology research projects showcased at the 2006 Bits On Our Mind exposition.

Held in the Duffield Hall Atrium March 8, BOOM is an annual research conference organized to highlight student research projects in digital technology. BOOM projects focus on digital technology applications in diverse areas ranging from art and biology to robotics and gaming.

Other projects highlighted at BOOM aimed to address pressing medical and environmental issues. For example, MagnoFly, developed by Brendan Rehon grad and James A. Ferwerda, research associate at the Computer Graphics Center, is a game-based tool to screen for dyslexia. Drawing from research on magnocellular pathways in the brain and their role in dyslexia, Ferwerda and Rehon developed a simple computer tool that tests players' magnocellular function. The game begins with four blocks of flies swarming on the screen; three of the four blocks of flies are moving in a random pattern, while one block depicts flies swarming in an aggressively directed motion towards a picture of a baby. The player's goal is to spray the flies moving in a singular direction before they begin to harm the baby.

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