Date Posted: 10/09/2019

Ithaca (October 9th, 2019) – Cornell University today announced it is one of twenty-four institutions to receive an exploreCSR grant from Google, designed to help more women get involved in research and computing. The grants, which were introduced in 2018, will support Cornell in running research-focused workshops for undergraduate women. These workshops, modeled on, and inspired by Carnegie Mellon University's OurCS, will help undergraduate women to enhance their research skills, create a sense of community with peers and faculty, instill confidence for problem solving beyond the classroom, and inspire and motivate women toward careers in research.

“Making computer science education accessible and available to everyone is an important initiative, and we’re excited to provide this grant to Cornell to help encourage more women to pursue careers in computer science research,” said Sepi Hejazi Moghadam, Senior Program Manager at Google

For more information about Google’s exploreCSR grant program and the full list of 2019 recipients, please visit Google's official blog.