Welcome to Cornell Days with Computer Science

We are so pleased you can join us for sessions devoted to providing a glimpse of the stimulating, engaging environment in Computer Science at Cornell. During these orienting events, we hope that remarks from CS faculty and students will provide useful information as you become part of the wider Cornell community and the CS department in particular.

All events held in Gates Hall, 107 Hoy Road, Ithaca, NY 14853

APRIL 18th, Gates 114 + 122 (first floor)

10:00 am: sign-in and Introduction

10:15: Keynote by Kavita Bala, Professor and Chair of Computer Science

10:40: Questions for Professor Bala

10:45: break

10:50: Remarks by Undergraduate CS majors

12:30-1:10: social hour + lunch served

APRIL 20th, Gates G01 (ground floor)

9:30 am: sign-in

10:00: Introduction

10:05: Department video

10:10 to 10:50: Keynote by Kavita Bala, Professor and Chair of Computer Science, with time for Questions

10:50: break

11:00: Faculty panel with Claire Cardie, Walker White, Kavita Bala, and others

Noon: social hour + lunch served

12:45 pm: Student Groups (ACSU, WICC, URMC)

1:20: Project Teams

2:10: Prepare for Tour of Gates Hall

2:15: Tour of Gates Hall

2:30 to 3:00: closing social