Date Posted: 2/26/2019

In his article on the origins of the current ascendency of Tech in New York City, Steve Lohr homes in on the initiative begun in the Bloomberg administration to encourage “applied sciences” to create “the new digital world here instead of someplace else.” And, as Lohr underscores, “the biggest single step in the city’s applied sciences campaign was the creation of a new graduate school focused on technology and entrepreneurial innovation.” Cornell Tech was born. DEBORAH ESTRIN, who was “the first non-Cornell computer scientist to join the Cornell Tech faculty in 2012,” and is currently Associate Dean and Robert V. Tishman '37 Professor, notes that “New York’s advantage is its concentration of people in other industries working on problems that require technology to solve.” For this reason, she concludes, “if you’re doing pure tech—a superfast chip or advanced software—Silicon Valley is still the place to be, but when it comes to everything else, New York really has a chance to be the place to be.” Read the entire article here.